MOST golfers suffer from a slice, the ball bending to the right. This not only goes off line but reduces the distance the ball goes.

In today’s article I am going to show you three easy steps to reduce your slice, hit more fairways and also hit the ball further.

Step one: Ensure that your grip is in good shape. You need to be able to see 2/3 knuckles on your left hand and the ‘V’ between forefinger and thumb of your right hand needs to point up to your right shoulder, parallel to the one made with your forefinger and thumb of your left hand.

This will help ensure that the club face comes back to the ball square to your target.

Step two: Ensure that your body is in a good position.

This includes being in balance in your posture making sure that the weight is in the balls of your feet and away from the heels.

Another important position is to have your shoulders over your toes at address to help with balance.

The next tip is to have your left ear level with the back of the ball, left shoulder higher than right and left hip slightly higher than right.

Step Three: Now you are set up ready to go the next important step is to work on your downswing sequence.

Players that slice tend to start their downswing by moving their arms in front of their body and swinging the club across the ball producing the side spin.

The key to reducing that slice is to bump your hips towards the target whilst swinging your arms down to the ground behind you feeling your right elbow close to your right hip bone.

This will change the path of your swing and start to reduce the sideways movement of the golf ball.