TEE height is really important when it comes to hitting long straight drives.

The ideal height to tee the ball up with your driver is high enough that the equator of the golf ball is level with the top edge of the driver head.

The reason for this is that you want to hit the ball on the up-swing with an ascending blow.

The idea is to launch the ball high with a low amount of spin.

To help do this you need to set up with the ball opposite the heel of your left foot.

Another key point is to address the ball with a little more weight on your right side – around about 55 per cent.

A good thought is to feel your left shoulder higher than your right – a feeling that should also be felt at impact. This will ensure you getting an upward strike on the golf ball helping reduce the amount of sidespin you may get on the golf ball.

If you are a player that suffers with missing a lot of fairways, particularly to the right, it may be a good idea to either try a more lofted driver around 12 degrees of loft or maybe even use 3 wood.

Initially you may feel that you will lose distance but the fact that the club has more loft will reduce the side spin on the ball and help you hit the ball straight and find more fairways.