THIS week, we return to that most frustrating of shots – the top.

You make what feels to be a great swing, only for the ball to hop up in the air and roll along the floor only going a fraction of the distance.

There are two main causes. The first is having a angle of hit that is too shallow.

This means that the low point of the swing is behind the golf ball, meaning that you hit up on the ball causing you to top the ball.

The best way to improve the strike is to steepen the angle of hit.

Try the next three steps one at a time until the ball flies up in the air.

Bend more over the ball.

Move the ball back in your stance.

At set-up have more weight over your lead leg. (70/30).

Please do not use all of these at the same time, as you would make your swing too steep and start digging holes in the ground.

The second cause of the top is having an angle of hit that is too steep into the ball meaning that you hit too much down on the ball missing the back of the ball and hitting the top of the ball down in to the ground.

This is usually identified by a large mark in the ground straight after where the ball once was.

If you are a steep topper you will also probably take large divots when you hit the ball and struggle with less lofted clubs.

If this is you try these set up steps one at a time until you start striking the ball better.

Stand tall.

Ensure that your head is behind the ball at address.

Turn your shoulders and hips in the back swing.

Once again try not to use all of the above tips as you may end up with a swing that is too shallow!