ONE of the major factors, which makes golf a difficult game, is the location of the ball.

The ball being on the ground forces us to play the game in a bent over position from the waist.

This can make it difficult to get the feeling of an ‘on plane’ golf swing.

One of the easiest ways of feeling the correct plane is to simulate a baseball swing.

Unlike golf, baseball is played by striking the ball in the air while standing up straight. The baseball bat is swung around the body 90 degrees to the spine.

Next time you are out on the range try making a few practice swings while standing upright keeping your club parallel to the ground and 90 degrees to your spine, similar to a baseball swing.

You may have to feel your forearms rotating clockwise (for a right hander) in the back swing to achieve this and anti-clockwise in the through swing to achieve the level swing.

You may also have to feel your hips and shoulders turning parallel to the ground.

To take this into your swing, simply tilt your body into your regular golf posture and try to simulate the feeling of the rotation of your arms and body that you felt when making the baseball swings.

To put it simply, the golf swing is the baseball swing bent over.