IF you watch the best players, whether on the television or live at a tournament, what strikes most is the repeatable nature of their pre-shot routine.

What a mean by a pre-shot routine is the movement the player makes right before they hit the golf ball.

Straight from deciding the club for the shot, the players tend to make the same movements, take the same amount of time and practice swings, look at the hole and waggle the club.

They do the same for each shot. These movements are their pre-shot routine, a little similar to a pilot taking his pre-flight check before take-off.

The key elements you should take into your routine would be firstly selecting a club and being decisive and committed to it.

Secondly select your target (the flag or a tree behind the green – be precise).

These two elements should done behind the ball looking at the target.

Next, you should take a practice swing to get a feel for the shot in hand.

Then walk in to the ball focusing on your target, aiming the clubface at the target followed by your feet (parallel) to your target and your body.

Now it is time to pull the trigger commit to the shot and see it fly.

Just like chipping, putting and driving, the pre-shot routine is a vital part of your game so needs to be practiced.

At Bowood’s range, we have white lines at the back of the bays which you can use to stand behind to choose your target then walk over the white line to play your shot.

Use this white line as the doorway into your shot, where you are solely thinking about your target.