THERE are three main areas of putting – distance control, direction and green reading.

It can be very difficult to take account of all three when going for a par or birdie putt.

If we can eliminate having to worry about at least one of those elements over the ball it would make for a better more focussed putting routine.

I am going to show you a simple and effective way of improving your directional control when putting.

I would like you to use a straight line on your golf ball to help you to line yourself to the target.

When putting the target is not necessarily the hole but at the aim point of the putt (the amount of borrow).

When you have decided on how much break the putt has aim the line on the ball at that point.

Then take your address with the putter head first.

Usually putters are designed with an alignment aid on the top of the putter.

Line up the line on the putter with line on the ball.

Then line up your feet and shoulders parallel to the ball and clubface line.

Once you have done this you are correctly aligned to your target.

All you need to then is to focus on the pace of your putt.

This exercise will hopefully clear your mind of any unnecessary thoughts over the ball and help you hole more putts.