HITTING solid golf shots relies a lot on the correct sequence of the body in the down swing and a good leg action is the starting place for this sequence.

A lot of golfers who suffer with a slice (a ball that bends to the right) tend to start their downswing by swinging their arms and shoulders first.

This means that the club is put outside the ideal swing plane and the player will then swing across the ball creating the spin to the right hand side.

This is a little like a footballer kicking across the ball with the outside of his foot to bend the ball. To stop this fault the player would do well to restructure his sequence.

The correct sequence of movement for the downswing is that the legs should initiate it, followed by the hips turning, then the torso followed by the shoulders and arms.

Practice the following drill to ensure that you get your legs to start the downswing.

Focus on keeping your legs relatively quiet in the back swing (above), the knees keeping the same distance apart.

Then at the top of your backswing try and get your right knee to touch your left knee.

This will encourage the correct leg action and also help you get into a great finish position with your knees touching and your hips facing the target in a balanced position (left).

Spend a bit of time on the range perfecting this and you will be surprised by the results.