WHEN trying to produce a powerful golf swing it is important to turn your shoulders correctly in the backswing.

A lot of players, when trying to achieve a full back swing, move too much laterally in the back swing.

They either sway with their legs side to side, creating a tilt which can be a devastating move for the golf swing, or, tend to lean their shoulders rather than turn correctly and creating torque and power in the swing.

Not only are these moves less powerful but make it difficult to return the club to the correct spot behind the ball, leading to thinned or fat shots taking large divots.

If this sounds like you try the following drill.

Place a basket or golf bag one club length away from the golf ball that you are going to hit.

Now place a golf club across your shoulders and make a back swing.

What I would like you to do is to point the end of the club at the basket.

It is important that the end of the club points at the basket so that your shoulders have turned neatly on the spot avoiding too much lateral movement.

Try this drill to hit more powerful shots next time you play.