TEE shots can seem daunting.

There could be out of bounds on the right-hand side or a water hazard down the left – both places which will lead to either two or one penalty shots respectively.

Either of these scenarios can play on your mind and affect your ability to make a good swing and hit the fairway.

You can use the width of the tee box to affect your perception of the tee shot.

For example, if you have out of bounds on the right-hand side, you should tee the ball up on the right-hand side of the tee box, meaning you are now looking away from the fence.

Teeing up on the left, you will tend to look directly at the out of bounds so it will feature more in your thoughts over the ball.

By staying right, you are hitting away from the potential hazard making it easier to avoid.

Try this next time you are on your least favourite hole.