WHEN you are out on the course, you can get situations where you find yourself at a distance that doesn’t suit you.

This is usually in between two different clubs, leaving you with the quandary of hitting a harder, shorter club or hitting a softer, longer club.

Neither of these two shots are likely to be ones that you have practiced so are probably the least likely to be consistent.

Next time you are out on the course in this situation and are in-between clubs such as an 8 or 7 iron take this simple bit of advice.

Take the longer club, 7 iron, and take your grip half an inch further down the club than usual.

This will make the club shorter and the same length as the 8 iron.

As you have a 7 iron with less loft than the 8 iron it will go further but not as far as a regular length 7 iron.

This should take less practice and is a simple remedy.