OVER the last few months I having used a Trackman, to track ball flight and give me important information about the ball and the club when it impacts the ball.

It works using Doppler radar and a camera and can measure things such as club path, face angle, club speed and attack angle.

This piece of technology has been useful when helping people with their tee shots, helping them hit straighter and also finding more distance.

The key information that has helped my students the most is the number referring to ‘attack angle’. This measures the angle at which the club is moving into the ball, either an ascending blow or a descending one.

We are only talking about a few degrees but the effect can be tremendous.

An average swing with a driver is around 90mph, hitting down with a driver at this speed compared to hitting up can mean the difference of up to 30 yards without having to gain club head speed, so no need for the gym just yet.

So if you are looking for a few extra yards try this when you are next on the course and looking for a boomer of a drive.

Try to make sure your left hip is slightly higher than your right, your left elbow higher than your right and your left shoulder high.

As long as your ball is forwards in your stance this should help you connect with the ball on the upswing.

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