PUTTING is where the game of golf is won and lost – we have all heard the phrase ‘drive for show and putt for dough’.

This is largely true and you could really lower your score by doing a little extra practice to get your putting up to scratch.

The three key disciplines in putting are direction, distance control and green reading.

Both direction and distance control are largely dictated by the quality of strike on the ball.

It is vital that you hit the ball in the centre of the club face. It sounds so obvious but the skill of hitting the centre is very important to holing those important putts.

Next time you are on the putting green with a few minutes to spare, grab yourself a couple of tees and place them a club head width apart (right). Practice swinging the putter through this ‘gate’.

Once you are used to swinging the putter through it, introduce a ball.

You should start to feel the ball clicking off the middle of the putter head.

With a better feel off the club head you should have a better feel for speed and of the distance that the ball is going.

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