The wet weather will mean that a few changes to your short game strategy will be necessary.

With the greens being so soft it will mean than the ball will not run across the green very easily.

A better strategy will be to pitch the ball a bit further up to the flag instead of playing the conventional chip and run.

The soft greens should mean that the green will receive the ball nicely and the ball should stop quickly.

The quality of lie will often dictate the type of shot you are able to play.

With trolleys going around the edges of the green, the quality of the surface is not always ideal for a soft shot onto the green.

In these situations, as long as you don’t have an obstacle in the way it may be best to play a low running shot and, given the ground conditions, a chip with a hybrid club may be best.

Use the club just like a putter and allow for the extra spring from the face to run the ball up onto the green.