Chippenham Town chairman Neil Blackmore believes there is more to come from the team after a magnificent 2021/22 season.

The Bluebirds made the play-offs last season after many had tipped them for relegation before the season started and took Ebbsfleet to extra-time in their play-off semi-final.

Blackmore was immensely proud of the team in defying the doubters as he always knew Chippenham were capable of challenging.

He said: “It was absolutely fantastic. What we did and especially the last six games, when Gary Horgan and Matt Coupe came in, what they did with the team to get us into the playoffs was phenomenal.

“They got the players together, they made them gel, and they just tweaked a few things and we played some outstanding football with a relatively small squad.

“Our target at the start of the season was to get to playoffs, which we did. So I was pleased with that and once we got there, for me, every game after that was a bonus.

“I've never ever believed that we headed for relegation, obviously I wouldn't because I'm Chairman but I don't know where that story came from to be honest with you.

“I was quite shocked by it because I don't think we're anywhere near there, and we've proven that this season.”

“The Ebbsfleet game was going to be very difficult. In my opinion they're probably one of the best footballing sides in the league.

“We had played on the Thursday and we had extra time, when they hadn't played for ten days. So they were fresh.

“I think going to extra time in the Ebbsfleet game was probably what killed us off, it was just that little step too far for us.”

For next season, interim manager Gary Horgan has been given the job on a permanent basis, and Blackmore is looking for more of the same.

“Obviously this will be Gary's first season, so I don't want to put too much pressure on him but I think the goal will be the same again to make playoffs and we'll see how we progress through the season.

“I think that the last six games prove that we've got an outstanding squad and I'd like to keep all those lads together.

“They get on well together as well and there's a really good vibe in the dressing room, it just needs to be strengthened in one or two places and Gary's working on that now.

“I think it's part of what we have to do at our level, the team is made up of our own players, plus some good loanees, plus some of our academy players which we are developing.

“I think we've done a good job for the likes of Swindon Town, we've taken young players, we've developed them we've given them adult football, and they've gone back and a couple of them have played in the first team.

“So I think we've done a good job for them and they've certainly helped us at the same time.”