With Football Manager 24 set to release on Monday 6 November, what is it like to use Swindon Town on the new edition of the game?

When you first download the new version of FM, the most important part is who you decide to start your first save with and many Town fans will look to step into the shoes of Michael Flynn to see where they can take the club.

As usual, Swindon are a good long-term project save as, being in the fourth tier, they lend themselves nicely to a road-to-glory save.

Wiltshire Times: Swindon Town in FM24Swindon Town in FM24 (Image: Sports Interactive)

You can also put your imprint on the squad during the first transfer window, as with only 21 players, you have room to sign new stars without having to ship any out.

However, the current wage bill of £41,715 per week only has space for about one true first-team player before you hit the budget of £43,215 per week. You also do not have any money to spend on transfer fees, so there will be no finagling of that figure.

Wiltshire Times: Swindon Town's budget ranked in League Two in FM24Swindon Town's budget ranked in League Two in FM24 (Image: Sports Interactive)

Swindon have the 18th highest wage bill in League Two, with it being less than a third of what Wrexham spend at the top of the division and around half of what the other top clubs are spending.

The financial outlay does not give you a great deal of leeway with the fans, as the media predict you to be able to finish in tenth in League Two.

Wiltshire Times: Swindon Town squad in FM24Swindon Town squad in FM24 (Image: Sports Interactive)

According to the staff you have at your disposal at the beginning of the game, Udoka Godwin-Malife is the best player at the club, with Frazer Blake-Tracy, Jake Young, Remeao Hutton, Tom Clayton, and Dan Kemp all capable of making a strong impact in your first season.

However, it is Liam Kinsella who can lay claim to the highest individual attribute in the squad with his 19 for work rate, likely appealing to anyone looking to roll with the classic 4231 Gegenpress preset.

Compared to the rest of League Two, the athleticism of the Swindon squad is what stands out the most, having one of the highest averages for acceleration and pace, but they are lacking in terms of tackling and off-the-ball ability.

There is also some promising talent in the under-18s squad, with 16-year-olds Miles Obodo and Harley Hunt having the best potential among the crop of youth players.

Most importantly, you can look forward to being grilled by a Swindon Advertiser journalist for the first time.