Michael Flynn said he will not be allowing any of his players to take the FA Cup lightly as Swindon Town begin their journey against Aldershot Town.

The former Newport County manager has never failed to make the third round of the competition in his career as a manager, which has included memorable cupsets against the likes of Leicester City and Leeds United, as well as taking Tottenham Hotspur to a replay.

Flynn said that he would not underestimate any opposition in this competition and would ensure that his players have the same attitude.

He said: “The one thing I have learned is never to underestimate the opposition, especially if they are lower down than you.

“I have been on the other side where we have upset higher opposition and I have got full respect for Aldershot.

“We know how tough it will be, we have done analysis, watched them, and we will do the team meeting shortly with the players.

“I will definitely not be underestimating Aldershot and if any of those players do then they will be having a rude awakening and if they still don’t wake up then, I am going to have to make them sit behind me.

“I do not want to be knocked out of the FA Cup in the first round, I am not going to say about what I have done before because I don’t want to jinx anything, but I haven’t been [knocked out in the first round].”

Flynn said that, despite his impressive record in the domestic cup competitions, he does not do anything differently than when preparing for a normal league game.

He said: “I want to win every game, there is nothing extra that I add for a cup game.

“Otherwise, I would be doing it every week in the league and then we would be promoted by December.

“There is nothing extra, you just need to focus their [the players’] minds.

“What Aldershot do is completely out of my control, I just need to make sure that we are on it, we get somewhere back to our best, and we don’t make any silly individual errors.

“Playing with a no-lose attitude, that can also take away the concentration levels because you think ‘let’s just be a little bit more expansive here and open up a little bit more’ and that might give us more opportunities to hurt them.”