Swindon Town owner Clem Morfuni has responded to rumours the club is up for sale following an “embarrassing” loss to Aldershot.

Town were dumped out of the FA Cup on Saturday, November 4, in a crushing 7-4 home defeat to the side sitting seventh in the National League.

Following the game, rumours circulated on social media that the club was up for sale and that players had not been paid on time.

Morfuni has now spoken out, saying he wants to clear up the rumours and emphasised that, while he may entertain interest in the club, he is not looking to sell.

He said: “I understand that there has been a lot of speculation regarding the potential sale of the club, and I want to address the concerns and clear up any confusion.

“As I've emphasised before and will reiterate now: Swindon Town is not up for sale.

“However, from time to time we receive expressions of interest from potential people to buy the club, entertaining such discussions does not equate to actively seeking a sale, even if some may interpret it that way.”

Wiltshire Times: Town owner Clem MorfuniTown owner Clem Morfuni

Addressing rumours over missed payments to players and HMRC, the Australian told supporters these had been “paid and also paid on time.”

He added he had “injected £250,000 to stabilise the club” in the last fortnight, but admitted current club revenue is “not sufficient.”

The club now plans to focus on new revenue streams and renegotiate their ongoing commercial deals which are “less favourable, to tackle this issue".

One of these potential income streams is The County Ground, with Morfuni claiming that the purchase of the stadium in March will eventually lead to the club generating income seven days a week.

In the meantime, over £200,000 has been spent on repairs to the ground this season, while plans are still in the works for a new fan zone to improve the matchday experience.

Morfuni also revealed his thoughts on Saturday’s defeat and backed manager Michael Flynn to bounce back from the “heartbreaking” result, labelling his overall start to the season “exceptional.”

Reinforcements look set to arrive in January, with Morfuni claiming he will personally oversee the transfer window.

He added: “Yesterday’s result was heartbreaking, but the early season has been filled with promise, we need your patience, and we need your support more than ever during these difficult moments.

“We have a plan - we're actively working on strategies to increase revenue and to get promotion into League One and beyond.”