Michael Flynn said that off-the-field dramas at Swindon Town are not impacting his job and work with the players.

Ryan Whelan of Look Sports Media published an article on Saturday night alleging that players had been paid late, with an injection of money needed to cover the wages, and that owner Clem Morfuni had put Swindon up for sale.

Morfuni then responded in a statement on Sunday on the club website, saying that players “have been paid and also paid on time” and that “as I've emphasised before and will reiterate now: Swindon Town is not up for sale.”

Flynn said that any off-field turbulence was not something he concerned himself with in his role as manager, but that it was not impacting on his ability to do his job.

He said: “The off-the-field stuff doesn’t impact me. All of it is way out of my pay grade and it has nothing to do with me.

“What I have to do is to put together the best squad that I can with the resources that we do have and try and get the best out of a team on a Tuesday and a Saturday.

“I need to just help them not only as players but as human beings and create a bond with the supporters and the community that is stronger than ‘I just play for Swindon Town.’

“We are doing a lot of work off the field with the community and the players are integrating with that.

“I have only been here four months, so we are still early and if anybody thought it was going to be easy and we were going to win the league by ten points and get promoted and not have any blips along the way, then I would say that is wishful thinking.”