Michael Flynn said that his Swindon Town squad are not suffering due to fatigue and have been running even more in recent weeks.

After making a flying start to the season and going nine matches without defeat, Town have subsequently taken maximum points on just one occasion in their last six League Two fixtures.

Flynn has used the third-fewest number of players in the division this season and had made the fewest substitutions, leading some fans to question whether performances have tailed off as a result of the players becoming tired, but the Town boss did not feel that was the case.

He said: “No [there hasn’t been a drop off in sprints], not consistently.

“On Saturday our stats were low, but that was the manner of the game as well, the amount of time wasted for kick-offs, it sounds crazy to say, but how many times do you have 11 goals in a game?

“In terms of consistently, there is no drop off [in running], if anything they are actually getting higher.

“Just because you run more or harder, that doesn’t mean you are not going to make a crucial error at a crucial stage, really it is just about being better in both boxes.

“It is not that I don’t see [signs of fatigue], it is that they are not there.

“You can go on about fatigue, but we scored four goals after 78 minutes on Saturday, so that blows the theory out of the water, because we were the ones that kept going, albeit it was way too late.”

Flynn also said that using hindsight to evaluate the summer transfer window was not a useful exercise.

He said: “I love these hindsight questions because everybody is an expert after the horse has bolted.

“Did I know we were going to have these injuries? No. Do I wish that we signed players that got away? Yes, but what can I do about it when they chose to go elsewhere?

“I did what was best for the team and the football club during that time and with hindsight, you can always change things and do things differently.

“I am sure there are many aspects of your life that you would change or wouldn’t change and that is the beauty of life.

“You don’t get any opportunities to go back, but what you can do is keep learning and improving and give yourself the opportunity to be better each day.”