Information about possible new owners for Swindon Town are being investigated by the Supporters' Trust.

TrustSTFC today addressed reports of the club being for sale and late payments for staff - all of which have been refuted by owner Clem Morfuni in his own statement at the weekend.

In a statement released on Tuesday, November 7, the fans' group which jointly owns the County Ground alongside the club, confirmed it had received information relating both to the sale and the club and late payments.

On the potential sale of the club, a spokesperson for the Trust said: "We have been following and investigating information from sources for some weeks that interested parties had approached the club’s owner with a view to acquiring the club.

"Whilst we are not putting details of that information into the public domain at this stage, we continue to work in the background to establish the credibility of such claims. "

It added: "Whether the club is up for sale or not, Sunday’s club statement made reference to 'entertaining such approaches' from third parties. The Trust exists to represent the interests of this and future generations of supporters.

"With the supporters owning 50 per cent of the County Ground, we call on the current owner and any future potential purchaser to engage with supporter groups and the Joint Venture early in any potential acquisition process."

On the subject of late payments, they said: "As many supporters will have been, we were alarmed to hear claims that the players and the HMRC were paid late last month. Again, information has been passed to us in relation to this which led to us contacting the club on Saturday evening.

"The owner quickly replied, denying that either had been paid late and that a statement would be made on Sunday. On Monday morning, following a previously scheduled JV Board meeting, it was again put to the Club that payments to the players and HMRC had been made late.

"Both the CEO and the owner categorically denied the claim, restating that all members of staff (including the players) had been paid by October 31. They also reiterated that HMRC had also been paid on time.

"Whilst this conflicts with information shared with the Trust and reported by the media, we have no evidence to prove the claims either way. We continue to keep an open mind on the matter and will continue to review any further information passed to us."

Over the weekend it was reported by Look Sports Media that Luke Dowling was helping to facilitate the sale of Swindon Town, and alongside this, several players had been paid late. 

Mr Morfuni released a statement in response stating that the club was not for sale, although he was open to "entertaining approaches". 

He also said that everyone was paid on time, but added that he had to add £250,000 of his own money into the club's account to secure its finances. 

The Trust also mentioned that a member of the Trust was yet to be given the financial records for the club as promised by Mr Morfuni on September 15, but arrangements had now been made for this to happen. 

In addition, the Trust confirmed it is yet to receive confirmation that Mr Morfuni's promise to pay back Chris Keily to get the football club's shares back had happened. 

The spokesperson added: "TrustSTFC will continue to be a critical friend of the club and this will include challenging the owner when answers are lacking or unclear.

"Sometimes this will be in public, often in private, but always with the long-term interests of our members, supporters, the wider community and our club.

"We will continue our work in gaining clarity in the areas set out above and will keep members updated on our findings."