TROWBRIDGE international sprinter Danny Talbot has been forced to pull out of the England team for the Commonwealth Games in Australia, writes KEVIN FAHEY.

World sprint relay champion Talbot has been brought down to earth by an ankle injury which has stopped him training all winter so forcing he and coach Benke Blomkvist to reluctantly make the decision to withdraw from the 200m event and sprint relay in Brisbane.

“I had surgery on the ankle injury at the end of last season having managed to get through the summer and the World Championships in London,” said Talbot.

“The operation was straightforward and recovery should have been quite quick but it hasn’t worked out that way unfortunately.

“In terms of the op that went well and the surgeon was happy he cleared up the original problem but the rehab has just not gone to plan at all and I have not been able to run at all over the winter.

“I have been doing a lot of work in the gym and on the bike but no running at all so we took the decision to pull out with the Games only just over a month away.

“It is disappointing and so frustrating.”

Talbot admitted it was the first serious injury he has suffered since first emerging as a talented teenager at St Augustine’s School over a decade ago, quite an achievement in a sport notorious for its punishing regime, so he is fairly philosophical about the setback and missing the trip Down Under.

“It is the first serious injury of my career so I have been very lucky in that respect,” added Talbot.

“It is due to wear and tear really from running around bends so much. The pressure on the ankle on my inside leg from sprinting around the corner, both in the 200m and the relay where I do the bend on the third leg, has taken its toll on the ankle joints.

“It wasn’t something that I could have avoided and was always likely to flare up at some stage and I was just lucky that I was able to race at the Worlds in London (where he helped Britain win relay gold).

“Also if I was going to have to miss a season then this year isn’t a bad one as there are no global championships.

“Nonetheless, I am disappointed not to be going to Brisbane as I really enjoyed the last Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and I was really hoping to go there and compete for a medal in the 200m and the relay but it is not to be.”

Talbot is continuing his intensive rehab at his base in Loughborough and while reluctant to put a date on his return to action is taking a positive outlook on this setback.

“Not being able to run has given me the opportunity to work on my core strength which I haven’t been so good at in the past,” said Talbot.

“Also as my coach said this is the first enforced rest I have had since I started training really hard 24-7 six years ago so maybe that will give my body a chance to rest and recover and in the long term that may do me good.

“I can’t say when I will be back running again and there is no point putting a date on it. I am surrounded by a good team here and I am confident they will get me back when I am ready. I just have to be patient.”