REGARDING the refurbishment of the war memorial in the Town Park, Trowbridge.
This is fantastic, I just had to go down and take a look. 
I’m not sure if everyone is aware, but the war memorial in the Town Park has recently been refurbished by James Long (Stonemasons). 
You will know that the Royal British Legion worked very closely with Wiltshire Council, Trowbridge Town Council and James Long about having that plaque laid in the cemetery in The Down in order to commemorate the two young women who died in the bombing raid on Trowbridge in 1942, 75 years ago. 
We learned then that the local authority had commissioned James Long to carry out a major refurbishment on the war memorial.
This is now complete and I have to say the work is just brilliant. 
Rick Owen
Hon secretary
The Royal British Legion in Trowbridge