A former senior care assistant, Adeline Dalley from Warminster, whose book exposed neglect in the care system, has written a song about her experiences as a whistle blower.

The song is called Will the Whistles Blow, which she hopes will encourage people to report abuse.

She said: “I was a whistle blower and I understand how hard it is to do, but neglect and abuse is not going to end unless people speak out.”

She co-wrote the song with songwriter and producer Simon Pollitt, who works at South River Studios, London. It is sung by up-and-coming songtress, Chantel Baylee.

Last year she released a book called Behind Those Care Home Doors which detailed abuses in the care system.

The 33-year-old mother had previously worked in care homes for 16 years.

The song will be available on Amazon from June 17.