Manchester United have offered their support to Trowbridge teenager Quinton Barham who suffered a cardiac arrest while playing football last weekend.

The 13-year-old has been in a stable but critical condition at Bristol Royal Infirmary since collapsing during a Mid Wilts Youth League under 14 cup game at Bromham.

His family, who have kept a bedside vigil all week, have been comforted by the many messages of support and good wishes for the football-mad teenager.

And world football giants Manchester United have been the latest to offer their support.

The club have sent an email to Quinton’s school, Clarendon Academy, sending their thoughts and prayers to Quinton, a big Manchester United fan, his family and school friends.

Rupert Moreton, head of Quinton’s house at Clarendon Academy, said: “We contacted Manchester United to explain what had happened to Quinton.

“We received a lovely email from them offering their support, which was read out in a Year 9 assembly for Quinton’s classmates.

“His friends will take part in a footballathon after half-term to raise money for defibrillators for local sports teams, which the staff will also take part in.”

Former Premier League footballer Fabrice Muamba has offered his support to Quinton by retweeting a message of support from his cousin, Carla-Jayne Barham.

Last March, the Bolton midfielder suffered a cardiac arrest during a televised FA Cup match against Tottenham Hotspur, from which he recovered despite his heart stopping for more than an hour.

Quinton’s father Paul Barham, 48, of Hyde Road, Trowbridge, has been overwhelmed by the support his family and Quinton’s Bradford Town Youth team have received.

He said: “The response has been phenomenal. I am keeping everything in the media for Quinton to read but he will never get through it all.

“Quinton was the second top trend on Twitter on Wednesday morning and we have had messages from all over the world.”

The family's vigil continues and Mr Barham added: “Doctors tried to wake him on Tuesday but his heart was not strong enough so he remains on life support.

“The doctors have eased off the muscle relaxants, but this is a critical stage for us. We are waiting for Quinton to react but are taking each day as it comes.”

Mr Barham stressed the importance of having trained first aiders on the football pitch, after Bradford’s coach and a parent administrated CPR after Quinton’s collapse.

He said: “If it wasn’t for them he would have died. They are lifesavers and I want to thank everyone involved.

“It is so important for everyone on the pitch to have first aid training and awareness, not just at games but during training too.”

Richard Laver, chairman of the Mid Wilts Youth League, said: “Our policy is that every club and team should have a first aider present on the pitch.

“We are delighted that was the case at the weekend and will be even more delighted when we hear Quinton is okay.”

Bradford Town Youth Football Club chairman Nick Maw said: “Both coaches are fully qualified in administrating first aid including CPR.

“I am confident that they acted in the proper manner and that everyone’s actions on the day were in Quinton’s best interest.”