People will soon be able to stroll around Bradford on Avon, picking fruit and herbs as part of creating a sustainable future for the town.

Plants including strawberries, blueberries, and herbs will be planted in Lamb Yard this month and be maintained by local businesses.

Cally Smart, the owner of Country Gate Gardens, is running the project and said: “We want to educate people on what can be grown locally and the food miles, while at the same time making something look attractive.

“We are looking very carefully at what we are putting in and will put signs encouraging people to harvest.

“We have a sustainable feel about it and are hoping to plant perennial rather than annual plants.”

Mrs Smart also runs the Fitzmaurice Primary School garden club and will involve pupils in the project, teaching the benefits of local produce.

It is hoped to have a bed for edible plants in Westbury Gardens and eventually add some hanging baskets.

She said: “We will start small and hope little groups of people take care of it and those groups might expand.”

Herbs have already been planted at the railway station and Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon has put in nine fruit trees at Bearfield Playing Field and aims to plant wildflowers soon.

Ros Edwards, chairman of Climate Friendly Sustainable Food and Drink Group, said: “Our objective is to establish a sustainable food culture in Bradford on Avon and to raise people’s awareness that 20 per cent of carbon emissions come from the food trade.”