A SENIOR carer from Warminster who once looked after the widow of Battle of Britain hero Sir Douglas Bader is highlighting issues in the care industry in a new book.

Adeline Dalley, who worked as a carer for 16 years, has detailed abuses of the care system in Behind Those Care Home Doors and advises people on what to look for when considering a care home for a loved one.

The 33-year-old said she has come across many homes with glossy brochures and reassuring words from care managers which did not meet expectations.

She hopes her book will promote the highest standards of care for the elderly and encourage carers not to be intimidated and to tell of abuses.

Mrs Dalley, who lives with her husband and three children in Warmin-ster, said: “This a helpful guide on what to look out for in a care home, which also details my experiences with managers.

“I had been thinking about writing it for several years. It was only when a manager told me I was rubbish at my job for getting emotional when losing a resident that I decided to do it.

“I was told that I shouldn’t get close to them as they were just a number. That was the final straw for me, as we trust these people and no-one really knows what goes on in these places.”

The book includes a foreword by Wendy McCleave, whose mother Joan – the widow of Britain’s most famous wartime pilot, Sir Douglas Bader – received poor care in several homes. Mrs Dalley looked after Lady Bader in one of the homes and tried to raise concerns about the elderly lady’s care with the home’s manager, but was ignored.

Mrs Dalley’s book also suggests how things could be improved in the care industry, and she said: “I have seen too many times how bad care is simply swept under the carpet.”

Mrs Dalley is talking at Frome Library on Feb-ruary 15, 2-3pm, for anyone interested in finding out more about the book.

The book is available at www. amazon.co.uk or www.adzcreations.com