The Fire Brigades Union has announced plans for eight days of consecutive strike action, to follow from a nine-hour walkout next week.

Firefighters across the country will conduct their latest in a long line of strikes next Thursday, with Wiltshire crews set to join other striking public sector workers at a rally outside County Hall in Trowbridge.

Firefighters have been striking as part of a length dispute with the government over pension changes, with the most recent strike coming on June 21, when a major fire started at the EJ Shanley scrap yard in Trowbridge. Many firefighters suspended the strike action to tackle the fire, as others were drafted in from across the county.

The following week will see a series of two-hour strikes take place twice a day every day except Sunday, from Monday July 14 to July 21, totalling 30 hours.


The full times of the walkout are as follows:

• Monday 14 July: 6am–8am and 5pm–7pm

• Tuesday 15 July: 6am–8am and 5pm–7pm

• Wednesday 16 July: 6am–8am and 5pm–7pm

• Thursday 17 July: 6am–8am and 5pm–7pm

• Friday 18 July: 6am–8am and 11pm–1am on Saturday 19 July

• Saturday 19 July: 11am–1pm and 11pm–1am on Sunday 20 July

• Sunday 20 July: 5pm–7pm

• Monday 21 July: 6am–8am and 5pm–7pm


Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service said it will endeavour to provide the best possible emergency response during the strike, and has urged businesses and residents to take extra care during the strike periods.