TWO cars parked opposite each other brought Trowbridge town centre to a standstill today for an hour, with buses and other vehicles unable to drive along Silver Street.

The two cars, with disabled badges displayed, were parked virtually opposite each other since 11.40am today, causing huge jams and frustration amongst residents waiting for the bus.

Police said later that both drivers had been issued with fixed penalty notices for obstructing the highway.

Kenneth Williams, who works at DK Residential in nearby Church Street, said earlier: “There has been traffic stuck outside for at least 20 minutes and there are two cars with disabled badges causing the problem.

“They have parked so it is virtually impossible for anyone to get by and the buses cannot get through.

"Everyone is getting very frustrated and the police are there, but there is not much they can do until the owners return.”

The build-up of traffic was only easing just before 12.30pm.