A LABRADOR in Warminster bit off more than it could chew after becoming stuck in a pram.

The dog’s owners called the emergency services after finding their pet stuck in the buggy just before 7am on August 6, at their home on Boreham Field.

Watch manager of Warminster Fire Station, Chris Trimby, said: “The owner woke up and found their dog with its head in between the triangle bit of the frame and after a few minutes trying to get it out called us.

“They don't know how long it had been in there but when we got there it was quite friendly and wagging its tail but obviously it was keen to get out.

“We used some small tools and unbolted the frame and it was out in a matter of minutes before it ran off into the kitchen for a good drink.

“I’ve been to numerous incidents of animals trapped in something, cats stuck up trees and that sort of thing. It’s unusually but doing this job nothing surprises you anymore.”