WARMINSTER'S Athenaeum Centre will be showing performances of The Full Monty next week, whilst raising money for charity.

From Thursday October 12 to Saturday October 14 at 7.30pm the Athenaeum Masqueraders will be showcasing their piece, adapted from the Academy Award winning 1997 Pop Culture film.

The hilarious musical follows the journey of two unemployed steelworkers trying to make a living.

With no cash or signs of prospects they join together a band of six men to show off their real man bodies through a striptease in order to make some quick money. Through all of this, each of them have to find the strength to work through their fears, anxieties and inner demons as a group in order to pull off this one of a kind performance.

Director, Lyn Taylor said: “Its been great fun so far, auditions were interesting to start with, asking auditionees to take their clothes off was an interesting experience, not one I’ve had before. Its been great fun working with Masqueraders, they’re very friendly, fun loving, we’ve had a great laugh.”

The production team all decided to raise money and awareness for Its in the Bag, a testicular cancer charity.

Donations will be collected and a raffle will be held with proceeds going to the charity.

Please visit the Athenaeum Centre Facebook page to take part in a competition to win tickets and also support Its in the Bag.

The Full Monty contains explicit language, mature themes and nudity. Recommended for audiences 16 years and older.

To purchase tickets, please call 01985 213891.