A YOUNG girl with a lot of potential has recorded and helped to write her own single, which will be released next month.

Eight-year-old Kira Lily Thorne has loved performing since she was three years old and is now trying to break into the industry.

The single, Brite Star, was written by family friend Debi Moore, and has been modified by Kira with the help of her mum, and vocal coach Charlie Jackson-Allen.

Claire Thorne, Kira’s mum said: “Kira has always loved performing and being on stage, she is a real natural.

“She loves singing, and this is what she wants to do, so I am supporting her all the way and will do anything for her.

“She is such a talented and beautiful little girl, I know I’m biased as her mother but I have had other people say the same thing to me.

“Kira is just so kind-hearted and not competitive at all in nature, she loves everyone for who they are.”

Kira’s single Brite Star is currently being produced by John Delf of Edge Recording Studios in Cheshire, who has worked with Lily Allen, The Script and discovered Miley Cyrus when she was just six, and is due to be available on iTunes from the middle of next month.

Kira also plans to release a music video to go with her single which she hopes will feature all her friends, including fellow pupils at Springmead School in Beckington being stars alongside her.

Kira, of Brokerswood, said: “I really enjoyed recording my song, it was very fun and I just tried to get the most out of it.

“I love singing and performing on stage, even though it can be a bit scary for some people.

“My friends are very excited that they might get to be in the music video, it will be fun. I’d like to thank everyone who has helped me in making my song.”

After auditioning for The Voice Kids last year, she was told by producers that she had a lovely singing voice, but aged just seven at the time she ‘wasn’t quite ready’. She will apply again this year.

Brite Star by Kira Lily Thorne will be available on iTunes from the middle of next month.