The Trowbridge made Secret Spitfire documentary film which gained huge public support in a petition to for it air in the Odeon cinema was shown on the town’s big screens last week.

The documentary which explores the unknown history of spitfires being made in Trowbridge in World War Two was shown on Friday November 21 at got a standing ovation.

The production team who also went along to the viewing were over joyed with the effect it had on viewers.

Sally Boyle, who lead the petition to get the documentary shown in Odeon said: “The evening viewing was absolutely amazing, the feeling of seeing it shown on the big screen was tremendous and it really did take you into the story.

“After it finished I met this wonderful little nine year old boy who had sat through the evening viewing and was absolutely over the moon with the film and totally enjoyed it.

“One lady said she thoroughly enjoyed it, and they were so glad they came. All others I asked echoed similar remarks.

“One person said there were only a few empty seats left.”

The film was also shown in the Odeon at Salisbury.