The Wiltshire Search and Rescue Group are holding a collection in Trowbridge town centre today.

Volunteers Ian Daly and Graham Moates and Sarah Wolf along with their braved the cold along with their two furry friends. search and rescue black Russian terriers Midnight and Raven.

The foursome are hoping to raise funds as part of the Cheer for Good campaign run by Starbucks, a scheme in which 210 charities recive a £500 grant from Starbucks, and the 30 charities who make the most money, or cheer the loudest, win £2000.

The group searches for vulnerable missing persons and items such as evidence in a criminal case. Searches can be conducted in urban or rural areas and are always initiated by the Wiltshire Police.

The charity is a non-profit making organisation and rely on our own fundraising, along with donations and sponsorship from the public and companies and all members are unpaid volunteers and no charge is made for services.