THE granddaughter of a Bradford on Avon couple feared she was going to die alongside her family after their house in Dominica was ravaged by 160mph winds from Hurricane Maria.

Miriam Alexander was visiting the Caribbean island to see her family when the category five storm struck, leaving a trail of destruction behind it as part of the roof was torn off, windows were shattered and doors buckled.

The 21-year-old was evacuated after sustaining a deep cut to her ankle but her parents Tina and Harry, siblings Ben, 18, Renatta, 26, and friend Serena, 20, stayed behind and they are currently sheltering in the battered house which will cost hundreds of thousands of pounds to repair.

Since Saturday, she has been nursed back to full health after staying with her grandparents George and Angela Kent, of Woolley Drive, but she still has nightmares about that horrific night last Monday.

“It was just terrifying. Hearing everything shatter around you, being trapped under the rubble and fearing for your life was so frightening,” said Miriam, who spent much of last year working in London as a social worker.

“It was pitch black and you have no idea what is about to come. I am so grateful to the British Military for getting me out as a piece of glass went deep into my leg. I was in a pool of my own blood which was horrific.

“My family were fantastic but they need all the help they can get. I can still hear the screams.

“I miss my family dearly but I can be of more use with my grandparents as I can send aid over there and make a difference.”

Mr Kent said: “We are thrilled she is safe and well. We are doing all we can to help the family.”