A MOTHER has praised a Bradford on Avon medical practice for changing its procedures, after complaining about their failure to give her new-born baby Florence an immediate appointment to treat an infection.

Rosie Tomlin, 24, says the Bradford on Avon Health Centre has apologised following her complaint.

She said: “I am pleased that they are changing their procedures so that any baby under eight weeks old is given a face-to-face appointment, whether or not they are registered.

The centre in Station Place denied Florence appointments on two successive days because she had not been registered as a patient.

Florence was born on November 21 at the Royal United Hospital in Bath but at 13 days old developed painful blisters from a lymph node infection.

Rosie, who is registered as one of the centre’s patients, said: “She had pus and blood-filled blisters in the creases of her groin pop up overnight.”

“At both 13 and 14 days old my daughter was denied appointments at the Bradford on Avon Health Centre as she wasn’t registered as a patient at the time.

“I was told I had to take her in to the surgery to have her registered, take her home again and then call the surgery to make an appointment for a phone call which wasn’t guaranteed to be that day and then they would decide whether she needed to be seen.

Rosie, of Sylvester Drive in Paxcroft Mead, Trowbridge, finally phoned 111 and obtained an out-of-hours appointment at the RUH where Florence was given antibiotic cream.

But overnight the blisters got worse so Rosie called the health centre again. After multiple phone calls, Florence was finally given a face-to-face GP appointment.

“As soon as the doctor looked at her she sent us to the RUH where we ended up staying for six days while Florence had intravenous antibiotics and then had a course of oral antibiotics to take home for another six days.”

“I have made a complaint to the GP surgery and was told I’d hear back from them on December 8 to inform me what would be put in place to make sure no other parents had to go through what we did.

“Florence is fine now but it could have been a lot worse. Babies and the vulnerable should be seen no matter what as infection at such a young age could end up being life-threatening.”

A Bradford on Avon and Melksham Health Partnership spokesman said: “We take all patient concerns and complaints seriously and are currently completing an investigation into this matter to ensure we understand the details.” “Concerned parents with poorly newborn babies should call their surgery to arrange for them to see a GP as a priority, or call NHS 111 for advice on where to go if their surgery is closed.”