A Melksham man has been sentenced to three years in prison for his part in a multi-million pound cocaine supplying operation.

Dean Waite, 21, was convicted at Swindon Crown Court on Friday after he was caught transporting enough of the cutting agent benzocaine to make up £30 million worth of street cocaine.

Waite collected four 25kg packages from a storage unit in Norwich, delivering one of them, and keeping the other three at a house on Hurricane Road, Bowerhill.

Police raided the property on January 20, 2011, after Waite’s name was found on documents relating to another large shipment seized at Stansted airport. As well as the benzocaine they found 50kg of citric acid, which can be used to bulk up cocaine.

The court heard how he would be paid £50 for each of the packages he delivered by 23-year-old Sebastian Sorrenti, from Swindon, who was jailed for nine years. Both men pleaded guilty to being concerned in the supply of Class A drugs.

Rob Ross, for Waite, said: "If there ever is a tail end Charlie, then it is this young man.

“He said, through naivety, he agreed to transport something from A to B, knowing it was being used in the supply of drugs, for a couple of hundred pounds.

“Having done that just once, when he was just 20, he said he now finds himself in the dock of the crown court facing a lengthy jail term.”

Detective Constable James Newbery from Swindon CID said: “Both Dean Waite and Sebastian Sorrenti have been actively involved in the process of supplying Class A drugs in our county.

“Their actions have supported the illegal supply of Class A drugs in Wiltshire which causes widespread misery and leads to further crimes being committed.

“The supply of drugs in Wiltshire ruins lives not only of those who take the drugs but their families and our local communities.

“This should act as a deterrent to anyone who is concerned in the supply of drugs in Wiltshire – you will be caught and brought to justice.”