A CHARITY that Harry Kirkman’s family used to help them raise funds for a life-changing operation appears to have turned its back on them as they hold more than £12,000 of the five-year-old’s money.

In the summer of 2016, Harry had a selective dorsal rhizotomy operation, which reduced the spasticity in his legs and would give him a chance of walking, in America after his mum Charlotte Deegan and dad Matthew Kirkman, of Crescent Road, Melksham, successfully raised £60,000, with the help of others.

During that time, Ms Deegan worked with the Darren Wright Foundation, whose purpose is to help with disabled children’s physiotherapy, specialist operations, treatment and purchasing of specialist equipment.

However, this year, Ms Deegan says DWF has been very unhelpful as it has been late in paying invoices, has sent cheques to the wrong place and one cheque bounced, much to her frustration.

“The communication from them has been appalling. It is like they are ignoring us deliberately. They hold £12.655 of Harry’s money and they have not paid £3,500 worth of invoices from that amount,” she said.

“We never receive any money from them directly, we ask them to pay invoices for treatment or equipment for Harry, which they pay direct to the companies.

“They have done nothing other than be a name and a charity number to donate to. We should get several hundred a month for physio and a similar amount for speech and language. On their website they are helping five other families and they are having the same problems. Something must be done.”

DWF did not respond when the Wiltshire Times went to press.