Volunteers are being sought across Wiltshire to help the police deal with low-level disputes.

Neighbourhood Justice Panels (NJPs), which resolve community disputes without the need for formal police involvement, with are being expanded across the county, funded by the police and crime commissioner.

Members of the community are now required to sit on the NJPs to help tackle anti-social behaviour, low level crime and conflict within their communities.

Anyone over 18 and able to give a minimum of two hours per month can sit on the NJP, with all volunteers able to go through  training in restorative justice.

The panel process is available for cases involving both adults and youths.

The panels involve the respondents and victims involved in the dispute and where relevant appropriate local statutory agencies. These agencies can brief the panel regarding the history of the case and resources they can contribute to the panel contract.

The aim of the Panel is to agree a contract is to help resolve the issues in question between the parties. The agreement in the contract itself is monitored by the panel, with police and local authority support.

The NJPs have been successfully piloted in Swindon and evaluated by the Ministry of Justice; this expansion across Wiltshire gives us an exciting opportunity for communities to be at the heart of solving problems from within their community.

The NJP’s are being established in:

• Chippenham/Corsham

• Trowbridge

• Devizes

• Swindon

• Salisbury

For further information about the NJP and training opportunities email njp@swindon.gov.uk or call 07586 803753.