More than £3,300 in unpaid fines were recovered and five arrests were made during a day of action in Trowbridge.

Wiltshire Police joined forces with Court Warrant Officers to find offenders wanted for non-payment of outstanding fines and breaches of Probation Service conditions last week.

Police said officers went to 60 residential and business premises in town and the results included:

• Five people being arrested for breach and non payment of fines; 

• Four people voluntarily surrendered to court to discuss options to pay back monies owed; 

• Intelligence was gathered on a further 15 warrants leading to new lines of enquiry;

• Six warrants being paid in full totaling £3,332.46.

PC Kevin Harmsworth led the day of action with Courts Warrants Officer Andy Renwick.

PC Harmsworth said: "The sheer number of addresses we attended sends out a clear message that outstanding fines will be collected and where payment cannot be made in full, arrests will be made.

"The presence of police officers with Courts Warrants Officers reinforces the significance of offences people are committing.

"People think that if fines are left unpaid no one will follow it up.

"This is simply not the case and resources will be used to locate and arrest those who do not comply with court orders made against them.

"We have held similar days of action before and we already have future ones planned in Wiltshire and Swindon."