FUNDRAISER Susan Oliver, who arranged a charity gig for the hospital network that helped her through her breast cancer ordeal, has smashed her fundraising target.

Mrs Oliver hoped to raise £2,000 at last Saturday's charity bash at The Farmhouse in Southwick for the Royal United Hospital's new £27m cancer centre, but the final total is well over double that amount.

She said: "It's taking time to sink in how successful the fundraiser has been, with terrific support from friends and family.

"Through ticket sales, a raffle, an auction and a Justgiving page we have exceeded £5,000. I am so pleased that I am able to give something back to help those who have yet to start their journey.”

Mrs Oliver, of Hollis Way, Southwick, called her fundraising event The Party Ain’t Over after one of her favourite bands, Status Quo,

She is now planning other fundraising events, including a skydive.

She said: “I was one of the lucky ones; the cancer was contained. The operation to remove the tumour was completed in June and it was a success. My body is recovering slowly but the journey can take some time.

"I have great respect for all the staff at the RUH in Bath. They show empathy and support with a sense of humour and a smile – all-important to a person going through difficult times.

"It's so important for me to give something back and I want to thank everyone who made the fundraising event such a success.”