ONE fine summer’s day, a roving reporter by name of Rich, a peculiar chap with an impressive ability to get burnt in temperatures around 20C, ventured to Valeroso Lounge in Trowbridge in search of a hearty meal.

Having covered several bank holiday events, my stomach was crying out for some tasty tuck and one woman even commented on the loud rumble that emanated from said tummy.

As I strode into the restaurant/café/bar, the first impressions were positive. The place was 80 per cent full, the wooden décor is charming, the grub looked and smelled very much edible and a film quiz had just got underway.

To quote Jasper Beardly from The Simpsons: “Moon pie?! What a time to be alive.” There was no moon pie but life is good at times.

When I arrived at the bar, I was greeted by a very smiley waiter who asked what I would like to order.

Being the sort of bloke that takes about the same amount of time to choose something on the menu as a tortoise would to complete the 400m, I went for the cooling lemonade (£2.85) whilst I considered my options.

The meal got off to a flyer with this beverage. It was delightfully refreshing and not too sweet.

By this time the quiz was well underway and even though I did not sign up to it and was sitting outside enjoying the sunshine, I was listening in attentively.

When my stupid brain went walkabouts and forgot the actor who plays Marty McFly in Back to the Future, I returned to the bar to order the Ultimate Burger (£10.50).

This colourfully presented dish, which arrived in no time at all, included chicken, bacon, hash browns, coleslaw and chips.

I have had better burgers that did not have the word ultimate in them but it was not half bad.

The chicken was well cooked, the brioche bun was nicely toasted and the portion size was spot on.

As I let my meal go down, I dived back into the film quiz. Sean Connery played the Irishman in The Untouchables and Tyler Durden was a character from Fight Club, easy-peasy.

The growling stomach was still not satisfied so I went for an ice cream sundae with strawberries, bananas and raspberries (£5.95). Nutritious and delicious.

On the whole it was a decent meal, the staff were a cheery bunch and it was a pleasant place to be. Certainly of all the restaurants by the cinema, it was the busiest of the lot, which would tend to suggest it is a popular place to eat.

There was a lively atmosphere, the quiz seemed like a real hit, there was a fair amount of choice and the prices were quite reasonable.

I am not sure if their policy is that you have to go to the bar to order instead of someone coming to your table, but as it was a busy day, I will give them the benefit of the doubt. If you are looking for a relaxed place with good food and an upbeat atmosphere, you can’t really go wrong with Valeroso.