A SMALL tricycle business in Southwick is beginning to make waves on a national scale after its creations attracted the attention of some big names in the delivery industry.

Richard Grigsby, Dennis Mapp, Adam Read and David Johnson formed Iceni Cycles in January 2015, producing sustainable last-mile transport solutions – to move people and goods from a transportation hub to their final destination.

The quartet aimed to produce the lightest vehicles of their type and a clean, zero carbon impact transport solution and after a steady start, they are beginning to make real progress.

“The feedback from key buyers at last mile delivery specialists who visited the European Cycle Logistics Federation Conference in Vienna in March said we have created exactly the right product,” said sales and marketing manager Clare Emery.

“It is light, nimble with an usually large cargo box. This is thanks to clever design utilising a low centre of gravity together with the monocoque chassis.

“At the show, Outspoken, the largest UK last mile company, Last Mile Leeds, and ReCharge Brighton all purchased our trikes and they are being used in Brighton, Norwich, Leeds, London and Exeter.

“We are currently in talks with companies that arrange the movement of dockless bicycles in Cambridge and London, designing an add-on to the trike that will carry five of the bicycles meaning they can be moved around the cities with zero emissions. The signs are starting to get very positive.”

The engineering and design team, which has more than 20 years of experience in the cycle, trike and motorbike industry, uses aircraft steel to build the trikes at its Southwick base. The bikes are painted in Westbury and put together in the shop.

“We have now started to sell to some of the major players in last-mile delivery within the UK,” added Ms Emery.

“The larger distribution companies are starting to look at using trikes for delivering parcels within congested cities, reducing carbon emissions – so hopefully we will be part of the big picture in months and years to come.

“We sell family, cargo and adventure trikes ranging from £4,000-£6,800 and we have nearly 20 of our products on the road right now.”