EXCITEMENT is building amongst Clarendon Academy pupils as they embarked upon a several-month long project to put together a play that looks at brains of adolescents.

On Thursday, Year 9 drama class pupils began rehearsing for the play Brainstorm – a theatrical investigation into how teenagers’ brains work and why they are designed by evolution to be the way they are.

The Trowbridge pupils will team up with Kingswood School twice between now and January, before the play itself, which will be performed at the Bath School.

The sole Year 13 pupil, Conor Devlin-Cook, said: “I am really looking forward to working with a new group of people. It is really interesting.

“I studied psychology at school so I am interested to see how our brains differ from adults and look into our brain chemistry. We started off today with a meet and greet which is a good way to kick it all off.”

Georgie Hills, 13, said: “It is an exciting play which tells other people how our brains differ from adults. We have a good talented bunch here and we all have different scenes. It should be really good.”

Drama teacher Alison Warren added: "There are 11 scenes all together in the play and after doing our own bits we will have one big day later on to put it all together. We make sweeping statements sometimes how teenagers should think and act and this is a great insight into how they see it."