Warminster Town Council is looking into the prospect of twinning with Warminster Pennsylvania, after a local businessman recently visited the township while on holiday in the United States.

Nick Pitcher, who owns Prestbury Sports Bar, presented the town shield to Warminster PA, as well as various publications from Warminster, after corresponding with the township’s Rotary Club by email before his trip.

Mr Pitcher told the council that in return he was given a pennant, recipe book, a history book of the township, plus a sealed proclamation in which it was suggested the two towns work together to promote cultural links.

The council agreed at a recent meeting that an informal approach was more appropriate than formal twinning and it would benefit the local economy to create links with potential visitors from the US.

Mayor Paul Batchelor proposed that the council welcome the proclamation and said he would relay acceptance of the offer to twin to the Board of Supervisors in Warminster PA.

Councillor Batchelor said: “This will be twinning for the 21st century. People travel differently nowadays – back in the 1970s when we twinned with Flers it was a bigger thing travelling across the Channel.

“Now that the world has effectively shrunk with the increasing use of the internet, we need to have a modern perception of the notion of twinning. This can include better integration of communities, which will result in very little cost and in many cases no cost at all.”

The clerk was also asked to investigate adding the twinning to Warminster’s town signs alongside Flers, with the council unanimous in its support.