A GORILLA was given a massage during his most recent visit to the dentist at Longleat Safari and Adventure Park.

Keepers noticed that Alf the lowland gorilla had swelling in his lower jaw, so a specialist veterinary dental team were called in to inspect the affected area.

Chris Mangham, of Garston Vets, said they found no major issues and were pleased with how the procedure went.

“We’re confident Alf will be absolutely fine,” he said.

While Alf was unconscious during his dental visit, keepers took the opportunity to give him a massage, because he has weakness on his right side.

Keeper Lauren Bow said: “We have been working with the osteopath to try and improve the movement and flexibility in his arm and occasions like this – when Alf is entirely sedated – provide us with the perfect opportunity to do some more intensive manipulation and massage.

“When he arrived his movement was actually quite limited but now it is pretty much back to normal.”

The keepers relaxed and manipulated the giant 150kg primate’s right arm and shoulder to put them back to how they should be.

Alf and his brothers Evindi and Kesho were born at Dublin Zoo, and were reunited in 2011 at Longleat to form a bachelor colony.