WESTBURY’S White Horse Country Park was rocking as hundreds attended the Priming The Pump festival from Friday to Sunday.

Several generations headed to the park’s clubhouse for this year’s scaled down folk and country festival to listen to the likes of Steam Shed, Mando Chutneys, Reg Meuross, Roving Crows, Praire Dog, Ben Magga and Billy In The Lowground, among others.

Although there was just one stage for performers instead of the usual three, attendees still enjoyed plenty of workshops and open mic sessions in what was the last event at the venue for the foreseeable future.

One of the festival organisers, Jean Chatfield, said: “It was a great success. Everyone was so supportive and grateful that we could put on an event this year and they were not left disappointed.

“As the festival was a little bit smaller this year, many of the artists played for free, which was a wonderful thing to do.

“That spirit shows why artists love being part of this whole experience and for that we are very grateful.

“It was lovely to see a wide mix of ages attending the festival, which is the way it should be. We had a very good auction of the artists’ CD’s which was a good way to cap off the event.”

Entertainers Kooky the Clown, from Market Lavington and Emma Fae, who appears as a fairy, both stalwart supporters of the festival over the decades, were also in attendance at the weekend to show their support.

On Saturday it was announced that the legendary Village Pump would return to its spiritual home in Stowford next year after sufficient funds had been raised.

“This is terrific news. It’s made my year to know this festival will return to its original home,” said Ms Fae.