With more entries than in previous years this was the best show ever.  With exhibits of wonderful cakes, scones, sponges, biscuits and preserves together with fruit, flowers, vegetables and handicrafts there were exclamations of delight from the public viewers. The winners in the various categories were; Hilda Watts, Maureen Flynn, Martin Wakelin, Jill Addison, Janet Brown, Bob Lee, Eunice Stride, Clive Short, Chris Good, Anthony Pryer, Patricia Nowell, Angie Gibbs, Derryn Wilkie, Valerie Harding, Pam Good, Jocelyn Short, Liz Lee, Ruth Seelig, Val Jarvis, Benita Brown, Sue Hill, Sara Honor, Peter Denton, Carol Greenland, Christopher Jefferies, Ann Hart, Alison Irving, Helen Jones, Mary Board, Alma-Ayre-Wilkie, Mia Froggart, William Gibbs, Darcie Low, Martin Honor, Pat Brooke, Reginald Markin, Christine Laker, Christine Denner, The John Irving Cup was awarded to Janet Brown for the most points gained in fruit and vegetable classes.  The Meade Nursery Cup was awarded to Jill Addison for the most points gained in the flower and floral art classes. The Iris Hares Cup was awarded to Helen Jones for the most points gained in the handicraft classes.  The Photography Cup was awarded to Martin Honor. Sara Honor was awarded both the Joan Bracken Cup for the most points gained in the cookery classes and the Dilton Marsh Amateur Gardening Cup for the winner of the most points gained overall in the show. The WI Challenge Plate awarded for the best group entry was awarded to the Dilton Dillys.