Wiltshire Blind Association will be able to cater for more young people with visual impairment thanks to a £8,284 grant from BBC’s Children in Need appeal.

The Devizes-based charity was delighted when the grant was announced last week.

Community fundraising manager Annie Davis said the money would enable them to run weekly activity sessions for children and young people with visual impairment.

She said: “We’ve been aware for some time that we’re currently not doing enough for younger people with sight loss and their families."

There are currently 20,650 people living with a sight loss in Wiltshire and Swindon. By 2020 this is set to rise to 26,500.

Ms Davis said: “We know that sight loss affects people in different ways, but we also know that it has a massive impact on not only the individual but also the individual’s family and lifestyle.

"When sight is lost everyday tasks need to be re-learnt in order for the individual to remain independent and continue to reach their full potential.

"There is no other similar programme supporting families affected by sight loss in the Wiltshire area.

“With this in mind we’ve launched the Zoom Club, a new initiative from Wiltshire Blind Association to support children, young people and families affected by sight loss.

“The Zoom Club brings together visually impaired children and their families, and families where a parent has sight loss, to provide a support network and activities for the whole family to take part in.

“The club provides parents and carers of young visually impaired children and families where an adult has sight loss with information and a support network, whilst the children enjoy a range of fun activities. The Children in Need money will pay for the running of this club.”

The first event of the year is an activity morning for younger children on Saturday, March 22, at Melksham fire station with a range of craft activities.

For more information and to book a place, contact Maggie Hemmings on (01380) 723682 or email margaret.hemmings@wiltshireblind.org