Time is running out to own a piece of Bradford on Avon Olympic history as the stamps of gold medal winning Ed McKeever are being withdrawn from sale on December 31.

The kayak king, who went to St Laurence School, won gold in the K1 200m at the 2012 Games and Royal Mail issued stamps commemorating his win as well as painting a post box gold in Bradford on Avon.

Mr McKeever’s stamps, one of 63 immortalising gold medal winning Team GB Olympic and Paralmpic athletes will not be available in 2013 as the all the London 2012 licenses conclude at the end of the year.

Andrew Hammond, Royal Mail’s managing director of stamps and collectibles, said: “We think there are a lot of people who have bought some and now want the full set. They’ve only got until December 31 to complete their collection.”

A box set of the complete set of stamps is available to purchase.

For more information visit http://shop.royalmail.com/london-2012-off-sale-31-december/paralympicsgb+team-gb-gold-medal-winners-collection-off-sale-31-december/icat/goldmedalstamps.