Wiltshire Police are warning people to remain vigilant over the Christmas period, following a series of seasonal thefts.

Presents were stolen from under a tree at a house in Blaydon Close, Trowbridge, between December 11 and December 12. The burglar smashed a window to take gifts worth around £50.

And in Melksham a 13-year-old boy was also reprimanded last week after he was caught tampering with the mail.

The boy, who had bragged about removing Christmas cards from a fully-stocked postbox in Beanacre Road, and opening them to search for money, was reported to police. He was questioned and given an official reprimand.

Opening someone else’s mail is a criminal offence, potentially punishable by up to to two years imprisonment.

A police spokesperson said: “This time of year is particularly tempting for criminals as they expect to find gifts and high value goods in people’s homes and cars.

“It is important to ensure that your house is secure and that you take precautions in order to stop opportunistic criminals, who will have no concern about taking your carefully chosen gifts for loved ones.”